Jasper James Wilkins 

Jasper Wilkins is a UK digital multimedia creative who splits his time between Cardiff and London. He graduated from Cardiff University in 2017 with a first class joint honours degree in English & Journalism, and currently works as a Digital Editor for the British Council. If you're stuck for topics, talk to him about Jurassic Park, festivals, or tattoos - preferably over a pint of Stowford.

Please get in touch for a full CV. 


Featured, National Geographic Daily Dozen, May 2015 & July 2016
Featured, Ty Celf magazine, 2015
National Shortlist, SPA Best Photographer, 2016
National Shortlist, SPA Best Magazine Design, 2017
Winner, JOMEC Undergrad Photographer of the Year, 2016
Winner, CSM Best Designer, 2016 & 2017
Shortlist, CSM Best Longform writer, 2017 

Clients and collaborators:

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